Who is RainFlowa?


Multi-talented hip-hop artivist, Rainflowa is a graffiti artist, rapper/vocalist,  social justice advocate and educator.

Rainflowa represents Texas Native Roots in conscious hip hop across the Southwest United States as a dynamic vocalist bringing a unique sound & grafitti art style. She is considered one of the first ladies of graffiti from Texas (respectfully dubbed “3rd generation of writers in the U.S. by Cope2 of New York in 2003) and stepped into the role of a vocalist/emcee (rapper) in the underground Hip Hop scenes of both Texas and California since 1996.

Rainflowa is currently featured in Bob Bryan’s Graffiti Verite Video Series 11: Don’t Believe Da Noize-Voices from the Underground, available for view on Netflix. She is also recognized for her appearances in Source Magazine, on BET, Mun2 and her work is in the books Graffiti Women, Chicano Rap, Xican@ Rap, as well as the covers of La Nueva Raza Newspaper, and La Vibra Magazine.

Rainflowa is currently working on several projects in Houston and Los Angeles with like-minded artists including the release of her first full length solo album.