Just completed 4 years of Moondance

and i know that my life will never be the same again…a balancing scale has been placed on my heart in the containment i have found in contentment of for ONCE FEELING FULL! Yes, my heart, it  has never been more still than on the tip of  the cold air that froze ice particles between my hot breathe and the sweet caress of her chilling medicine…Yes, I have never felt more at peace than on the fourth night, under the full moon,  than i did in October 2012. For this, this was the exact moment in which i fell sick, i rose well, my sisters both murdered and resurrected my spirit, yes, i  spiritually died and i was reborn.  My return came full cycle with Nana Metzli’s blessings evermore….as it was in the beginning continues and shall be….quoth the Rain Flowa, “forever flow!”

Logo Ideas

Working on new logo concepts, here is something put together by Animo Eme7.

New Facebook Page

Add my new Facebook Multimedia page!

Official artist name change…lol why? cause I certify… The English version is easier for ya’ll to say! hahha “rain-flower”-spelled “rain-flowa” good timing too because part of me has been reborn!


Cafe Cultura Artist Collective

Tlazocamati to all the Cafe-Cultura Artist-Collective in Denver, CO, ya’ll are building blocks for our people! Appreciate all the love and support ya’ll given me over the years!